Integrative Uses of Magnesium

Written by: Andrew Akhaphong, MS, RD, LD, Mackenthun’s Registered Dietitian Updated: January 9, 2024 Intro to Magnesium Magnesium is one of the most abundant mineral in the human body; approximately 40% are stored in intracellular space while 60% are stored in the bones and teeth.1 Evidence suggests that 1% of magnesium however is found in […]

RD Choice – Cucumbers

If you feel like you are in a pickle, do not fret. The Dietitian’s Choice this week are cucumbers for are 4 for $3.00. What are Cucumbers? Cucumbers are a member of the gourd family of plants. Contrary to popular belief, it is thought that cucumbers are members of the nightshade family (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant), but […]

RD Choice – Peaches & Nectarines

Are you moving to the country? We got a lot of peaches…and nectarines! Your Dietitian’s Choice this week are peaches and nectarines for $3.29 per pound.  Peaches versus Nectarines Peaches are related to the rose family and are grown in warm climates of the northern and southern hemispheres of the world.  Peaches often have one side of the […]

RD Choice – Barilla® Pasta

Guest Writer – Garrett Peacy, Dietetic Intern, University of Minnesota School of Public Health Nothing is “impastable”. Take advantage of this great deal on Barilla®, your Dietitian’s Choice this week June 2nd thru June 8th on 2 for $3.00 on select varieties. Overview of Pasta Pasta comes in many different forms and there is a type for […]

RD Choice – Verlasso Salmon

Take a splash in some great savings today and visit your Mackenthun’s Seafood and Meat department. Verlasso Salmon is your Dietitian’s Choice this week for $9.99 per pound from May 5th to May 11th.  Exploring the Salmon Industry Verlasso Salmon is a farmed salmon from Chile. Their fish is a type of Atlantic salmon. When Atlantic salmon […]

RD Choice – Limes

Everyone deserves a trip to the tropics; sometimes the solution is to immerse yourself in a mental experience of self-reflection and imagination.  The Dietitian’s Choice this week are limes for $0.79 each. Grab a dozen and get ready for an experience! Examining Limes There are a variety of different lime species. The ones you most […]

RD Choice – V8® Red and Blends

Guest Writer – Garrett Peacy, Dietetic Intern, University of Minnesota Need a little more variety in your eating pattern? Your Dietitian’s Choice this week is V8® on Reds and Blends for $3.49 per 46 oz containers from April 14th thru April 20th.  Why Choose V8® Beverages? The red blend is made with tomatoes, carrots, beets, […]

RD Choice – Gold Pineapple

Guest Writing – Garrett Peacy, Dietetic Intern, University of Minnesota Need a quick trip to paradise that is close to home? Your Dietitian’s Choice this week is Gold Pineapple for $2.79 each. Discover the Origins of Pineapple The pineapple is native to South America but has spread to other tropical and sub tropical regions, particularly […]

RD Choice – Red Potatoes

Guest Writing – Paige Jensen, Dietetic Intern, CentraCare St. Cloud Hospital We are starch raving mad about these great deals we have on red potatoes! Your Dietitian’s Choice this week is $2.99 per 3 pound bag from March 25th to March 30th. Starchy versus Waxy Potatoes There are two different types of potatoes. There are […]

National Nutrition Month: Hemp

Hemp Hearts

Guest writing by Garrett Peacy, Dietetic Intern, University of Minnesota School of Public Health Health and Wellness Benefits Hemp seeds contain high amounts of arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that is necessary for nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is responsible for the relaxation of blood vessels and helps to maintain lower blood […]