*photographs from our sausiologist, Mikaela


[säsēˈäləjəst] noun

an expert in making the most delicious sausages anyone has ever tasted

Mackenthun's Sausageology

Mackenthun’s smokehouse is a place where tradition meets innovation. With a history dating back to the 1940s, when a German sausage maker was hired and introduced his unique sausage recipes, Mackenthun’s has been producing high-quality homemade sausages for generations. Many of these original recipes are still being used today, ensuring that the authentic taste is preserved. However, our sausiologists also add their unique touch to some products, offering new and innovative options for our customers to experience.

Mackenthun’s professional sausiologists create over 40 different types of smoked brats and sausages, as well as 8 different varieties of beef sticks. For those who love old-time favorites, Mackenthun’s also offers Liver Sausage, Blood Sausage, Souse, and Head Cheese. Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary flavors, Mackenthun’s smokehouse has something to suit every taste.

1980’s Sausage Display