Complimentary Services

Shop With Your Dietitian
A personalized in-store experience where you can learn about mindful options, nutrition facts labels, debunk food myths, and practical shopping tips.

Group Enrichment with Your Dietitian
A presentation or workshop for your workplace, group, or organization on topics such as diabetes, heart health, mindful snacking, and weight management.

Ask the Dietitian
A quick and simple answer to your nutrition-related questions.

Tune Up Your Meals
Assistance with recipe development or navigation to meet your needs in terms of time, cooking ability, cultural and individual food preferences, and budget.

Fee-Based Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition assessment, counseling, and education for a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and weight management.

Meal Planning
Assistance in creating personalized meal plans based on your dietary needs and preferences.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Testing
Testing for food allergies and intolerances, and guidance on how to manage them.

Grocery Store Tour
A guided tour of the store to help you make informed choices and find the best options for your dietary needs.

Note: These services may be eligible for insurance reimbursement, HSA/FSA reimbursement, or payment plan for out-of-pocket pay. A Letter of Medical Necessity may be required from your primary care doctor for HSA/FSA coverage. A referral from your primary care doctor may be required for insurance reimbursement.

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